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Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart – Fan Fiction Story Guide

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

For anybody who has missed our gradual info-updates, the series features the Tenth Doctor in time-travelling adventures alongside his new friend Maddy Ramos – an original companion created by us. Maddy is a 19-year-old Hispanic-American girl who lives in the sleepy town of Summerwood. She has only a father and three brothers after her mother disappeared when she was only two, leaving for Maddy a silver-rimmed, emerald-inset FanficSeason1_poster02necklace. It’s only on her 19th birthday that she discovers the true, when se meets a man in brown pinstripes.

Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart has been spearheaded by myself (James Gray) and created, written & produced equally with Emma Lousie, and we are pleased to tell you that since the previous story guide post in March there are two new additions to our writing team. Our two new writers have come up with two brilliant and exciting plots: Alwyn Ash (who runs his own website Nebula One (News)) has penned a creepy and intriguing story that handles a theme of ‘Time’, while Rob Christie has written a story that evokes a wonderful sense of Urban Gothic in a setting that brings a sense of cautious isolation to one lonely protagonist.

Take a look at the updated story guide…
James Gray –
1.1: The Heart (two-parter)
Emma Lousie –
1.2: The Voyage To Nowhere (two-parter)
Rob Christie –
1.3: Blood Lust (two-parter)
James Gray –
1.4: Vines Of Death (TBC – two-parter)
Alwyn Ash –
1.5: Glimpse and Recoil (one part)
James Gray & Emma Lousie –
1.6: (TBC – three-parter)

Part One of ‘The Heart’ – the first story in Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart and Maddy Ramos’ introduction – is scheduled for release right here this Saturday 29th October at 4:00PM. We’d love it if you could have a read and tell us what you think!

Find out more at: www.dwfanproject.blogspot.com
> Visit the website of The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project

What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to read our fanfic series?
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Doctor Who: ‘Power Of The Heart’ – Story Titles 1 & 2

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The upcoming fan-fiction of Doctor Who – with the series title of ‘Power Of The Heart’ – being written and produced by me, James (owner of Doctor Who Fansite), and Emma Lousie (owner of Tardis Console News) is coming closer to it’s debut release. The series will consist of 12 parts of 4 stories (2 two-part stories and 2 four-part stories). We can reveal the titles of the first two stories of Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart

1.1 – ‘The Heart’
- two-parter
1.2 – ‘The Voyage To Nowhere’
- four-parter
1.3 – (TBC)
- (TBC)
1.4 – (TBC)
- (TBC)

Hopefully this is whetting your appetite for our first fan-fiction series. Trust me, it isn’t any old, regular fanfic – we’re intentionally avoiding that fatal mistake.

With any luck, you guys will find it as interesting and fun and enjoyable as we are doing writing and producing it, and hopefully you’ll feel drawn back for further parts to discover more about the overarching story arc plot of the series that will gradually unfold as the series progresses, and it begins from the very first scene!

> DWF – ‘Power Of The Heart’ fan fiction posts feed

What do you think? Are you going to read our stories? Does it sound interesting to you?
We’d love to hear what you think of it. Please comment.


New Fan Fiction - Power of the Heart

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A new fan fiction series is on the horizon, and it’s been a while coming. The series is being produced by me, James Gray, and Emma Lousie (Tardis Console News), and Adam Holmes as part of our new project called The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project (“F.A.N.” being for fiction, art and novelisations) and is written by me and Emma.
The series goes by the title of Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart and features the Tenth Doctor and our original companion Maddy Ramos.
Maddy is a 19-year-old Spanish-American girl who lives in the sleepy town of Summervale set in the US state of New Jersey. She was left with just her father and three brothers at the age of 2 years when her mother disappeared, seemly from the face of the Earth, and left just a small, green-jewelled necklace for Maddy. It’s only until the day of her nineteenth birthday that she discovered exactly why –the day she bumps into a man in a brown suit who changes her life forever.
And, here’s the opening titles for the series, with a slight (ok pretty obvious) clue to the title of the first episode…

Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart is due to begin in March 2011 in a 12-part series of 4 stories.

Will you read Power Of The Heart? What do you think? Please comment.


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