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The Doctor
(Tenth Incarnation)
Real Name: Unknown
D.O.B: Unknown
Species: Time Lord
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Height: 6ft 2"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown

First Appearance1.1: 'The Heart'

The Tenth Doctor first meets Maddy Ramos, in her hometown of Summerwood in New Jersey in the July 2011, whilst searching for a mysterious age-old alien signal pulsating from somewhere in the area.

But someone - or perhaps something - has picked up on the signal before him, and they're on their way.

Full Name: Maddison Eva Ramos
D.O.B: 8th August 1991
Species: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Height: 5ft 10"
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Olive green

First Appearance1.1: 'The Heart'

Maddy is a 19-year-old Spanish-American girl who lives in the sleepy town of Summervale set in the US state of New Jersey. She was left with just her father and three brothers at the age of 2 years when her mother disappeared, seemly from the face of the Earth, and left just a small, green-jewelled necklace for Maddy.

It’s only until the day of her nineteenth birthday that she discovered exactly why –the day she bumps into a man in a brown suit who changes her life forever.

Full Name: Jendrin Jessuki
D.O.B: 51st Century
Collabria and it's Fiery Rings
Species: Sebatine
Home Planet: Collabria
Height: 5ft 10"
Hair Colour: Flame orange / dark red
Eye Colour: Black

First Appearance: Series 1 finale (title TBC)

From the planet Collabria - surrounded by the famous "Fiery Rings" (mentioned in SJA-5.1), Jendrin Jessuki is the daughter of the Sebatine army General, and becomes involved in a great battle that would send shock waves through history as events tail out of control...

Eve, as seen in SJA The Mad Woman in the Attic.
Production Notes:
  • Jenna is the same species and generation as Eve who appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 story 'The Mad Woman In The Attic' (though the species name was created by myself, James Gray, as it was left unnamed in the TV serial).



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